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Our mobile app lets you monitor the main symptoms of Meniere’s Disease:

  • Vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing
  • Aural fullness

Each day you can record the severity of your symptoms using our scale:



The app will automatically plot changes in your symptoms, you can select any one of the four above and plot them individually or at the same time. This makes the app a useful tool to monitor your disease for you personally but also for clinicians and healthcare providers involved in your care.


You can also plot the symptoms of all users if you want to see how on average the symptoms of Meniere’s vary on a daily basis.


Firstly don’t worry, everyone is different. We have just included this for your information as people think that Meniere’s sufferers tend to notice spikes in symptoms at similar time points. If you are concerned then please contact us or speak with your GP.  You are also welcome to disable this feature of the app if you don’t want to compare your symptoms to those of other participants.



4 thoughts on “My Results

  1. When I want to only review my input data (not enter anything at that time) it seems to automatically input data at 0(zero) and then this counts as my input for that day. Is there a way just to view and then go back to the app on the same day to actually input that day’s information. Otherwise a very interesting app. Finally presume you can pull the same data from an ipad rather than phone?


    1. Dear Linda,

      Many thanks for the comment. I was unaware that it would automatically enter it at zero – I will speak to the technical team. We are in the process of applying for further funding to develop the app and I will take these points forward. Yes you can use the app on an iPad as well.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other feedback, it is much appreciated. We want to make the app as useful as possible.

      Best wishes,


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