Slide2The Ménière’s app allows you to monitor your symptoms on a daily basis.

It is a free app for your iPhone or Android Phone.

It’s part of a research project at the University of Exeter.

We’d love to have you on board.


  • Currently Ménière’s disease is quite poorly understood and limited research has been carried out into the condition.
  • This study aims to investigate how the symptoms of the disease vary on a daily basis.
  • Specifically we will aim to investigate what factors influence symptoms severity and  whether any environmental factors influence symptoms. Environmental factors include things like weather and pollen levels.


  • You get MonitoringMeniere’s from the app store or android store.
  • We beep you once a day and ask you to input your current symptom level for tinnitus, hearing, vertigo and aural fullness.
  • The data gets sent back — anonymously and securely — to our data store, along with your approximate location from the phone’s GPS.


  • We are interested in monitoring anyone in the UK over the age of 18 who has received a diagnosis of Ménière’s disease and has experienced symptoms of their disease within the last year.
  • You will need a smartphone and you must be happy for us to collect your location data using your phones global positioning satellite (GPS).
  • You are more than welcome to use this app if you do not live in the UK we will just not include you in our research into triggers as we only have access to UK databases.


  • Interesting information about your Meniere’s, which you can download or see charted inside the app
  • Useful information to show to your doctor
  • Helping to contribute to our understanding of Meniere’s which may help you and others living with the condition


  • We are interested in what influences the symptoms of Meniere’s, we will research whether people undergo symptom spikes at the same time and attempt, using your location data, to understand whether environmental factors influence your symptoms.
  • We’ll be publishing the results in academic journals and elsewhere


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30 thoughts on “About

    1. Sorry to hear that Sue, do you notice any patterns for triggers? I know when I’m stressed etc it is really bad.

      I find keeping a diary really helps so I’m hopeful that people will find the app useful. Any questions or feedback very welcome.

  1. Hi, I’ve been entering data for over two weeks on the app (which I think is great by the way!) And I haven’t had any graphs/ results yet. When should I see them coming through? Thanks! Liz

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thanks for the message and great that you are using the app! The graph/results requires you to have an internet connection at some point, either via mobile internet or WiFi when you enter the results. Have you tried opening when you’re on the internet? It should then produce a graph etc. Let me know if it doesn’t and I will contact the tech guys.
      Best wishes,

      1. That’s odd, guessing you’ve opened the app whilst on the internet? What phone do you have? I’m afraid I’m just the scientist, so will have to contact the tech guys, but if I can get as much info as possible hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out ASAP.
        Best wishes,

      2. Hi Liz,
        To help the tech guys out would you be able to let us know the following please:
        Can the lady please let us know which version of Android she is using ie Jellybean 4.2 or 4.3 for example?

        Because it’s all anonymous, we can’t be sure if she is in the database. Can she let us know her:

        Date of Diagnosis
        Date she first used the app

        They are trying to get it sorted!

        Best wishes,


      3. Hi I’m using version 4.1.2 I’m from Leicestershire and I was diagnosed on 25th jan 2013 roughly. I first used the app around thursday 13th or Friday 14th feb. Cheers.

      4. Hi Liz, one final question from the app development team – Does the lady get a message when she tries to submit a survey (at the point she’s expecting to see the stats)? What does it say?
        Hopefully we’ll get something sorted asap!
        Best wishes,

      5. Hi Liz,

        I’ve finally heard back from the technical team and they think that there was a slight problem in their system so you are registered but when you add results it is not storing them. Apparently the only way to fix, would be uninstall and reinstall the app. Sorry that it didn’t work on the first attempt. If you are happy to do that, then that would be brilliant and perhaps you would be able to let me know if it works.

        Best wishes,


      6. Hi jess, thanks for your help. Bit of a pain though I’d enter ed so many results. I’ve been in Exmouth this weekend and noticed that the ‘Aural fullness’ was virtually non existent while I was there, normally it’s a main symptom for me. I go down there a few times a year so it will be interested to see if that’s consistent! Thx again. Liz

  2. Thank u for trying to find out how menier disease works.

    Ist it possible to get in touch with you for showing my theory or better said for asking u to check some statistic details comparing them with the idea of the resson i have?


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for a useful app. A few ideas:

    1. Consider adding stress level along with diet input.

    2. Consider the possibility to add a custom remark if a special activity is marked.

    3. Instead of using tuner bar for identifying the strength of symptoms/diet; you might consider using a fixed number scale (i.e. 1-10).

    4. I add my data for the day before going to sleep thus only hsving a short time to use the statistics. It would be great to be able to access statistics at any time during the day i.e. In the doctors office.

    5. If there are changes to the medication it would be great to edit the profile without loosing all history.

    6. It would be great if the data could be exported via e-mail.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Many thanks for the message. Great suggestions we are planning on applying for further funding this coming September and feedback such as this is really useful. Would you be happy to write a few sentences about the app and how you think it could be improved that we could use to try for more money? I think with funding all of your suggestions are feasible.

      Best wishes,


      1. Hi,

        I’d be happy to drop a few lines if you believe that it might increase your chances to develop this app even further.

        Would you like me to write here or to a specific e-mail address?

        Best regards

  4. Great app and I wish you the very best of luck in Your research any thing that can help would be great.I find weather as in air pressure really effects me.
    To understand Meniers is a hard job and I sometime think you can’t understand it unless you experience a attack.
    Do you know of any research going on in Ireland…..

    Many thanks keep up the good work

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for the message. I’m unaware of anything in Ireland at the moment. I agree understanding Meniere’s is not easy, we’re hoping to get more funding to extend the app beyond its current form which will hopefully help us gain a better insight. The MET office data will hopefully be joined later this month to at least see if we observe anything with atmospheric pressure.

      Best wishes,


  5. Thanks. It’s a start. I see lots of research but not a lot on treatment for Menieres so I hope this app will help in that endeavor. Have you seen my fitness pal? I wonder if they could connect. It helps me track my salt levels. I wish it had a section on what vitamins or other “things” we try for this disease. B-12 is really helping me and Lipo Lemon Flavonoids.

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for the message, we’re hoping to get some more funding to develop the app further. I’ll look at my fitness pal – if we got sufficient funding we would certainly consider a feature to enable linking the app with other apps. We’d also propose to include a free text entry so you were able to monitor whatever you wanted.
      Best wishes,


    2. Hey Joan – question on how you have taken B12. If you have a chance, cAn you advise if you are taking vitamins, having shots etc? Does it eliminate your vertigo or lesson the intensity? Finally did blood results show you were low in B12 or was this proposed as a solution to you? Sorry for so many questions.

  6. I have been using the app for a few months and its really good for helping me see when my symptoms have changed. I use it alongside a diary monitoring barometric pressure in the area, what I have eaten and anything I have been doing out of the ordinary.

    It would be helpful if you could add changes to medication as this does have an impact on the symptoms frequency and severity.

    Also, it would be better with a numbered scale 1-10 rather than the sliding bar as its not always easy to figure out how far along to put the bar if you are having a slightly worse/better day than the day before.

    I hope the information you are receiving from us all is helping you

    Thank you for researching Meniere’s. I hope it helps to get a better understanding of it

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Many thanks for the message. That’s really useful feedback, we’re definitely adding in the flexibility to change medications, more information on things out of the ordinary and will look at improving the scale to make life easier.

      We’re getting some really good data, hopefully will be some updated results very soon to share!

      Best wishes,


  7. I would like to join in but can’t get the app to get past the question 9 . I’ve tried allow and not allow for location but neither work. I have menieres and possibly a form of mav and definitely feel there is a correlation with weather patterns especially air pressure and attacks. On an iPad mini running the latest OS. I live in co. Durham

    1. Dear Judith,

      Many thanks for your message and apologies that the app isn’t working properly for you. We are in the process of giving it a £25,000 overhaul and it may be that the old version is not compatible with the latest OS on your iPad mini. The new version should be available in the next month or so. I will keep you updated of our progress and I’m very sorry the current version is not working for you.

      Best wishes,


  8. Hi. Thanks for the app. I recently checked my stats, and can’t get the stats to close and go back to “home” section to enter data ie the app is stuck on stats. Any advice? Cheers

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thanks for the message and sorry for the slow reply, I was away. I think the problem is that the app is no longer compatible with some phones, especially if they have recently updated. We should be releasing a new improved version with more functionality in the next few weeks – I will post updates on here very shortly and circulate via the Meniere;s society etc. Sorry to not be more helpful at the moment.

      Best wishes,


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